Spiritually Ignoring Good Ideas


I’m reading a fabulous book called “The Power of Habit.” It’s interesting, powerful, insightful, helpful and I suspect it will be largely ignored by the people who could do the most with it: Christ followers.

This book has insights about community, disciplines, free will, and even forgiveness.

You should read “The Power of Habit.” It helps us understand ourselves and others. As I often do when I read great books I think about how powerful it could be if the local church would leverage these insights.

Of course, there are plenty of Christians who will read this (among other great) books. But we will subconsciously assume it is separate from our faith and from the Great Commission. We will read The Screwtape Letters for our ‘devotion’ and The Tipping Point for pleasure, when the latter might actually contain more practical and helpful insight into our calling than the former.

Maybe we’ve never connected the dots. Maybe Sunday comes too quickly and our pastors can’t handle new information. Maybe we disregard Stephen Covey and Jim Collins because they don’t quote Jesus. Maybe we think our current models are working or if we could just get people to read Mere Christianity things would change.

I think God is at work. I think there are tools to help people be free. An author doesn’t have to cite the Bible for their thoughts to be Biblical. Solomon says: get wisdom, and whatever else you can get, get insight. If the next great secret to healing, growth, and redemption isn’t in the Christian book section – are you willing to go find it?


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